Online Recruitment Management System

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I correct or edit any information in the form?

No edit is permitted once you have made a submission.

2. Can two candidates apply from the same account?

No! Every applicant needs to have a separate account.

3. Can I apply for multiple posts?

Yes! you can apply for multiple posts.

4. What is to be done in an unlikely event when the payment amount is deducted for an application more than once?

You need to email your name, registered email address, date & time of your payment and some proof of payment to

5. I have made the payment and amount is deducted from my bank account, but my payment status is still pending (Not Paid). What do I do?

You can confirm your payment by clicking Check Button on your dashboard for the respective post against which the payment was deducted for. This will re-confirm your payment and if your payment was received, your application will automatically be saved and status will be updated to ‘paid’. Else you could email to Please mention your name, use only registered email address, date & time of your payment and some proof of payment

6. How can I make a payment?

You can make payment with a debit/credit card.

7. I am unable to make payment, it is showing an error. What should I do?

Please ensure that your Debit/Credit Card is having a 3-Digit secure pin. If efforts are failed for several times then kindly check with your bank.

8. Can the permanent and postal addresses be different?

Yes! They can be different.

9. What am I required to fill in the experience section if I am not working anywhere currently?

You can select the checkbox if you are not working anywhere at the moment

10. Are all fields required to be filled?

Yes, Indeed! Try to fill all relevant fields until and unless the fields are not applicable for you.

11. Can I submit the fully filled application form in person at JNU?

No! You need to fill and submit the form electronically.

12. What happens to my progress if I exit filling my form mid-way?

Your Progress could be saved if you choose to save and exit. It will be incomplete till you do not complete all section and pay the fees & submit thereafter.

13. Can I resume filling up my form where I left it, once I come back?

Yes! You could save your progress as you move ahead by choosing to save and continue once your re-log to complete application.

14. What happens if I forget my log-in password?

You could always reset your password if you are not able to recall it.

15. Who do I get in touch with for technical issues?

You could call us on +91-73259-40748 or simply email us at

16. Are there any specific instructions that are required to be taken into account before filling up the application form?

Yes! There is an instruction guide to help you with the instructions and the link is on the dashboard with the name 'Instructions for Form Filling'

17. Do the prerequisites for the two posts differ?

Yes! The prerequisites differ. Please check the rules and guidelines (Provide location to Candidates) for both the posts to know more.

18. I am unable to make the payment. What do I do? (Link it with Payment Gateway)

You need to preview your application form for possible errors and vacant fields in order to proceed ahead to make the payment.

19. I have a lot of Journals listed under my name. Can I list them all?

Yes! You can list them all.

20. How is the Academic/Research Score generated?

Generally, the Academic/Research score is generated by taking data into consideration filled in from Serial No. 18 to Serial No. 23.

21. Is it necessary to provide references?

Yes! It is necessary.

22. Can I make a submission without signing-up?

No! It is not possible to make a submission without signing-up

23. Are supporting documents to be necessarily uploaded?

Yes! Most of times those are the evidences considered for Screening/Shortlisting Applications.

24. My Policy Document is regional. How will it work out for me?

As per UGC Gazette 2018, only International/National ratified Policy Documents are considered.

25. Is it Necessary to Attest all the supporting documents?

Not Necessary.

26. My Policy Document is Regional. Will it be considered?

Only International/National State Publishing Articles are considered

27. What Document will be considered as evidence for MOOC & ICT Programmes?

Approval Letter issued by the component Authority may be uploaded as an evidence.

28. What Document should I upload as evidence?

An Approval Letter Sanctioned by a competent authority may be uploaded as an evidence

29. What if my referee has not received the email link

Possibly the email address provided by you either has typographical error or it is not functional (non working email address)

30. Can I edit the email address for my referee?

No, the email address cannot be edited

31. How to apply for your category for different posts advertised?

While Selecting the post you are applying for, make sure you are choosing the correct post number. The post number appears in the bracket in the advertisement field, for example, if you are applying for the position ‘Professor’ post 23, then the advertisement number would be (23) RC/60/2019. For reference, the advertising links are attached here: